Smart City Infrastructure Construction

By means of city-level Wi-Fi network, NB-IoT network, safe site grid and intelligent street light transformation, AOD smart city infrastructure solution , at low cost and high capacity, of scalability and high quality , solves the problem that every smart city application module’s is of high cost. AOD builds the smart city better, faster and more economically. It is estimated that it can save more than 50% investment cost based on our project to build the Safe City.

Smart City Infrastructure Construction

Super Wi-Fi network

Wide area network coverage is one of the biggest problem occurs in the construction of intelligent city. Therefore, AOD independently research and develop Super Wi-Fi equipment, which has high capacity, long distance coverage, strong anti-interference capability and other advantages. By deploying this equipment in the city, we can realize city-level network coverage quickly. Meanwhile, by the excellent performance of this equipment, the deployment point can decrease 70% compared with the traditional equipment, which achieves better performance at lower cost.

Safe site power supply

By transforming the original street light power supply equipment, it can realize 220V power supply for street light in the night and 48V in the daytime, which can supply safe and continuous power. 

Underground fiber pipe network

Weak current pipe and fiber are paved and deployed along the road where the street lights are installed to provide high speed and steady data link for intelligent street light.