City-level Smart Parking

Most of the smart parking solution on the market use geomagnetism, peg, gate machine and other equipment. The construction is complicated and cost is very high. And their main purpose is to solve the parking lot management and charging problem.

Our solution refers to the concept of sharing economy. It is based on IoT and cloud calculation technology to build the city-level “Internet + Car Parking” smart application service. It can integrate all the parking lots resources at roadside, public parking lot, commercial buildings and residential community to increase the available parking space. The services provided includes parking fees payment, parking induction, peak staggering parking and parking space sharing, of which the main purpose is to solve parking difficulties and parking disorder.

aod smart parking

It analyzes the parking video data by image recognition technology to get the parking space information and then provide information search and parking space booking service to the vehicle owner through mobile phone APP.

Parking Induction

Vehicle owner can check the nearby available parking space. After choosing the parking space, the visible map navigation of the route is provided.

Sharing and booking

Parking owner publishes the available parking space information, and the vehicle owner can book the space and pay online.

Convenient payment

It integrates multiple payment method including wechat pay, alipay, China union pay and city one-card to realize barrier-free parking.